Post your lessons and video tutorials easily using our platform innonvante to offer it to users
1. Become a member by creating a free account on the site. Your account will serve you for all of your activities on the site and assembled a comprehensive dashboard
2. Send your videos from your dashboard. The procedure is very easy and only takes a minute. Alternatively, you can add files as partitions, tabs, or other courses that will be downloadable by users who have purchased your videos to join.
How know how much you have earned ?
Whenever one of your videos is sold, it credits your dashboard. Your dashboard shows you in real time your winnings.
Every day you can see what video was purchased and how many times. All the purposes of months, a report is published automatically in your dashboard which will be followed by an automatic on your Paypal account payment as soon as this sum exceeds 100 euros of gains. If the sum is less than €100 then the payment will be accumulated and carried over to the following month

Who are certified tutors ?
A certified trainer is before all a professional recognized in the formation of its discipline. Each certified tutor has a description of its profile and can discover his references and his career.
A tutor who receives the certification is also a trainer very praised by users for the quality of its videos and the quality of training delivered.

Then I become certified tutor ?
Yes ! If you took great care to the realization of your videos and they face success with users through the quality of the lesson, then you can get the status of certified tutor.
If you are not a professional tutor, we will watch your videos and your statistics and we will contact you as soon as you can be a candidate for certification.
If you're a professional tutor, please contact us by email to make your request. In both cases, the certification will be decided by our team and after study from your profile.

Pricing conditions tutors
1. Non-exclusive certified tutor : 40% of payout rate
Conditions: the proposed videos are not exclusive to the site and you can sell elsewhere or in another form.
2. Non-exclusive and non certified tutor : 20% of payout rate
Conditions: everyone can post his videos. Only constraints: good lighting, good sound and a good speech when shooting to offer a minimum of quality. The proposed videos are not exclusive to the site and you can sell elsewhere or in another form.
GuitareTV manufactures no educational content. It is only a free platform where contributors submit their video in order to sell them to users. Each tutor is free to bring its method of education or information. We control during moderation and before putting them online each video to verify that they comply well with the code of morality of the society: no insult, no defamatory remarks, no video has sexual or likely to offend the sensitivity of younger, not words to character hijacked to sell any product..

However GuitareTV cannot be held responsible for the level of education offered by each tutor. Each user can view free preview of 30 seconds for each video prior to purchase. Each video is sold by the unit. Each video rights holders remain owner of their video. In no event GuitareTV cannot claim any right on these videos since it is simply a repository platform. Each owner (Tutor) is therefore free to remove videos from the list of proposed lesson or to change the unit price following its conveniences from his dashboard. However the buyer who has acquired the right to see these videos may retain the enjoyment of way unlimited and confidential from his account, and even if the tutor is removed from the list of courses offered on the site. Thus each video will be stored on the server of the same GuitareTV site if it does not appear in the list of the proposed training.

To open a tutor account, it remains nevertheless essential to offer all videos a minimum of 2 training videos completely free and available freely in order to provide a maximum of information on the quality of training and the technical realization users.

Tutors are committed to copyright in force in french and international legislation, for example by broadcasting music which they are not the creators or interpreters or not reproducing excerpts from CD, DVD or partition whose rights are held by a third person.
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